Today, it’s The Operator’s turn! Meet Lizzie Roper!!!

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Now, we reveal the voice behind the Zero Wing diligent Operator in the animated parody mock trailer short science fiction comedy film “All Your Base: Last of Last”. Lizzie Roper is an English actress, best known for her participation in Pinky and Perky Show and for her interpretation of Sam Lomax in the Hollyoaks TV series.

Lizzie was born in November 1967 and studied drama at the University of Aberystwyth, where she was a member of the acting group “the Wardens”. In her IMDb profile, you will find this quote that reveals her funny side: “I’m a very naughty girl. I really shouldn’t open my mouth in public.”

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Watch The Operator under the red alert!!!

Prepare All Your Base and Meet The Captain!!!

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In this post, you will meet one of all the voices behind the animated parody mock trailer short science fiction comedy film “All Your Base: Last of Last”. Colin Baker makes a fantastic performance when The Captain is surprised by the red alarm.

Colin is an English actor born in London in 1943. He portrayed “The Doctor” in the Doctor Who TV Series, between 1983 and 1989. Colin joined the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), where he trained for three years. In one of his quotes, he states “Fighting monsters is dead easy. Just walk away from them at a brisk pace and you’re safe”.

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Watch the Captain under the red alert!!!

Are you up to this challenge? The Mechanic prepares you for the adventure!!!

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In this issue, The Mechanic prepares you for the adventure of defending and capturing ALL YOUR BASE. Do you have your ships and crew ready for this battle? Do not forget to use all the resources for this stellar conflict! Regroup, defend, attack, and overcome your enemy!

The mechanic is played by Claudia Christian, a talented and versatile actress, writer, musician, singer, and director born in California. Claudia portrayed Commander Susan Ivanova in the famous Babylon 5 TV series (1994-1998).

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