“All Your Base: Last Of Last – The Card Game” | Official Rules, V1.0

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Winner must declare “All Your Base Are Belong To Us!” upon capturing the required number of bases:

  • 6 Players = 6 BASE
  • 5 Players = 7 BASE
  • 4 Players = 8 BASE
  • 3 Players = 9 BASE
  • 2 Players = 12 BASE

You can make and break alliances as you wish; however, no card trading is allowed unless directed by RED ALERT cards.

Deal seven cards to each player. A player must have seven cards in their hand at the beginning and end of each turn. If you notice you are short, wait till your turn. If you run out of cards, buy another deck; just kidding – reshuffle the deck. Each player turn has four phases as follows:


Draw a card from the deck. If you have a RED ALERT card, you can either hold it or play it. If you play it, read the entire card out loud. Act it out! Do not draw a replacement card until the end of your turn if you play a RED ALERT.

2. DEFENSE PHASE – Do only one of the following:

2A. Play a BASE card. All played cards are face up.

2B. Play a SHIP card (Zig, Destroyer, BattleCruiser, Dreadnought, Zero Wing) on an existing BASE. A BASE can hold any number of cards. Ships must be placed on an existing BASE, they cannot “float in space” by themselves.

2C. Play a CREW or “CATS” card on an existing BASE. The CREW/CATS cards have zero defense points; therefore, only play the card when you are ready to attack (or have no other move.)

2D. Discard. If no cards can be played, discard one card. BASE and RED ALERT cards can never be discarded!

3. ATTACK PHASE (optional, you do not have to attack)

3A. All existing ships and crew on all of your bases (not in your hand) can be used in one attack against one enemy BASE. Your BASE cannot be used in an attack. Attacker needs at least one more attack point than the defender’s defense points to capture the defender’s BASE.

3B. Attack! All defending ships on the BASE and all attacking ships are discarded, and the BASE goes to the attacker. Once a BASE is captured, it is immediately placed in front of the attacker. If the attacker has more points than necessary to attack a BASE, the attacker can get “change” from the discard pile.


4A. Re-arrange all of your cards in play across all of your bases at the end of your turn. Always regroup All Your BASE defenses because some RED ALERT cards wipe out heavily fortified bases. NOTE: You cannot breakdown perfectly good ships to cover defenseless bases!

4B. If you have less than seven cards in your hand, draw more until you have seven!

“All Your Base: Last Of Lasttm Card Game” ● Copyright © talcMedia Productions

Game based on the sci-fi comedy parody short film “All Your Base: Last Of Lasttm

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Game Rules v1.0

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