All Your Base: Last Of Last The Card Game!

All Your Base Card Game available at

Strategy Card Game: All Your Base: The Card Game
Number of cards: 108 double-card deck
Players: 2 to 6
Age: 5 and over
Objective: Capture the required number of (All Your) Bases

All Your Base: Last Of Last The Card Game is a fast-paced 2 to 6 player game pitting players against each other to see who will rule the universe by capturing “All Your Base”. Fight using Zig fighters, Battle Cruisers, Dreadnoughts, and the Zero Wing ship. It’s not all as it seems, there are RED ALERT cards that can throw your plan awry! You have no chance to survive, make your time. Ha, ha, ha. HA!

Hop across the universe in the mother of all ships, The Zero Wing itself:

Or the many, many zipping Zigs:

To capture ALL YOUR BASE from Alpha…

To Omega!

A fun filled strategic game with 104 cards and no dice! You gotta use your own bio-analog computing device (i.e. your brain) to win!

Play tested by veteran (meaning hard-to-please) gamers and shockingly, they love it! The alpha testers improved the gameplay a lot; and, all the beta testers insisted on playing it over and over! That is a very good indication that the game is, well, um, really great! Yeah! You can buy it on! Free shipping!

All Your Base Card Game available at: