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All Your Base: Last Of Last™ is a monumental stupendous three-dimensional animated science fiction steampunk comedy mock trailer parody spoof short film final-remake of “All Your Base Are Belong To Us”.

The alliance’s mighty Zero Wing battle cruiser has been sabotaged. As bombs slowly rip the ship apart, the crew panics, and the Captain freezes when he sees his arch enemy “CATS” on the holo-screen. CATS taunts the crew as he belts out his infamous line “All your Base Are Belong To Us” and bids the crew a fierily farewell.

This is the definitive “final remake” of the original meme, done in the form of a trailer, voiced over by an all-star science fiction cast!

  ♦ All Your Base: Last Of Last™ View on: IMDB
Aspect ratio:
  ♦ 16:9
Running time:
  ♦ 3 minutes 33 seconds.
  ♦ Cliff Simon as “Narrator” (Ba’al, Stargate SG-1)
  ♦ Colin Baker as “Captain” (Doctor Who #6, Doctor Who)
  ♦ Claudia Christian as “Mechanic” (Commander Ivanova, Babylon 5)
  ♦ Lizzie Roper as “Operator” (Doctor Who BBC Radio series)
  ♦ Terry Molloy as “CATS” (Davros of the Daleks, Doctor Who)
Produced and Directed by:
  ♦ Richard F. Roszko
Production Company:
  ♦ talcMedia™ Productions, Copyright © 2016, All Rights Reserved.

Appeared at the following film festivals:
  ♦OFFICIAL SELECTION♦  Scifi London Film Festival 2016 (UK)
  ♦OFFICIAL SELECTION♦  Florida SuperCon Film Festival 2016 (US)
  ♦OFFICIAL SELECTION♦  GenCon Film Festival 2016 (US)
  ♦OFFICIAL SELECTION♦  Apocalypse Later Film Festival 2016 (US)
  ♦OFFICIAL SELECTION♦  Nottingham International MicroFilm Film Festival 2016 (UK)
  ♦OFFICIAL SELECTION♦  Albuquerque Comic Con Film Festival 2017 (US)
  ♦OFFICIAL SELECTION♦  New York Science Fiction Film Festival 2017 (US)
  ♦OFFICIAL SELECTION♦  Origins Film Festival (US) 2017 (US)

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All Your Base: Last Of Last™ The Short Film

All Your Base: Last Of Last™ The Ballad of Great Justice