Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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“Red Alert” Card Questions

Q: For the Red Alert card, ‘Pick two cards from the deck and play immediately’, do you look through the unplayed deck or the discard pile? And can you choose the cards?

A: Pick two cards from the top of the unplayed deck, not the discard pile. Play the top two cards, you cannot look through the unplayed deck!

Q: For the Red Alert card, ‘Play your entire hand all at once!’, if you have more than one Red Alert card, can you play them all?

A: Yes, play them all in any order you please after laying down that card.

Q: For the Red Alert card, ‘Destroy one ship on one base of each player; not yours, of course’, who chooses which ship to destroy?

A: The player who played the card picks the ship. Any ship (not a crew card).

Q: For the Red Alert card, ‘Counterattack!!’, is the whole board wiped or is it just the attacking ships and the defending ships on the base?

A: It is the attacking ships and the defending ships on the base being attacked.

“Rules” Questions

Q: Is discard pile face up or face down?

A: Discard is always face up. Also, any cards that are in play, such as all your base, ships and crew are all face up.

Q: Must you discard one card if nothing is played Phase 2?

A: Yes, Rule 2D specifically says to discard if nothing is played.

Q: Can you attack multiple times in one turn?

A: No. The Red ALERT cards may instruct you to do something but that is not an attack, it iss the RED ALERT phase. In the Attack Phase, per Rule 3A: “All existing ships and crew on all of your bases (not in your hand) can be used in one attack against one enemy BASE.”

Q: How do you make “change” out of ships as mentioned in Rule 3B?

A: Rule 3B says: “All defending ships on the BASE and all attacking ships are discarded, and the BASE goes to the attacker. Once a BASE is captured, it is immediately placed in front of the attacker. If the attacker has more points than necessary to attack a BASE, the attacker can get “change” from the discard pile.” Here is an example of how this would work: A BASE has a ZIG and a DESTROYER on it. That would be a defense of 2+1+2=5 defense points. In order to capture the base successfully, the attacker needs 1 more point than what is on the BASE. The attacker decides to use two DREADNOUGHTs which have attack of 5 points each, or 5+5=10 attack points total. The attacker has more attack points than necessary so the attacker gets 4 points (10-6=4) in any combination of ships in change from the discard pile after capturing the base. NOTE: If there are no ships in the discard pile, players should make a mental note, or write it on paper until ships become available.