"All Your Base: Last of Last" at 150,000 hits on April 12, 2018!


We are happy to announce that All Your Base: Last Of Last™, a monumental stupendous three-dimensional animated science fiction steampunk comedy mock trailer parody spoof short film, got 150,000 views on YouTube!

Our final-remake of “All Your Base Are Belong To Us”, the best Internet meme of all times, is receiving such good comments and feedback that we are absolutely happy!

You Don't Know What The Movie Is About?

Well, watch some of the classic arcade game that inspired our film, and see how the new version of the characters and story looks!

If You Haven't Watched, Somebody Set YOU The Bomb!

But calm down... You can watch it now and join our beloved community of awesome geeks and gamers. What are you waiting for? Watch it now!


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In the mood for singing along?

Here is the "Ballad of Great Justice" thrown in for good measure:


And If You Are a Geek Like Us...

Now you can buy the card game based on the short film from Etsy.com:

allyourbaselol the card game

Check the Board Game Geek profile of All Your Base: Last Of Last - The Card Game!


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We are extremely happy to announce that we had MASSIVE participation in our contest in Board Game Geek, from December 1st to December 7.

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The card game is based on the "All Your Base: Last Of Last" short animated film, now with 40,000 hits! As of 16-Dec-2017. Here:

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Contest ends December 7, 2017!
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Grand Prize winner gets amazing merch signed by Claudia Christian!
You have no chance to survive... unless you win!

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The card game is based (no pun intended) on our "All Your Base: Last Of Last" video. Now with 30,000 hits (as of 06-Dec-2017)!

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