You know you sorta-kinda half-way made it when you're "in the stream of conscientiousness" of the seedy underbelly of the 'interwebs' when "All Your Base: Last Of Last" film is mentioned in the "Whatever Happened to the Cast Of ____" click-bait. But, kinda sorta cool though, to be quoted in a blurb, even though not exactly in the best of circumstances 🙂

As click-bait goes, this page below is benign, you won't be bombarded with blinky, video, pop-over nor pop-under ads:

Whatever Happened To The Cast Of Babylon 5
(Note: this goes to:

See if you can find where "All Your Base: Last Of Last" is mentioned. It's in one of the actor's blurb... Can you spot who that might be? Hmmm???


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