“All Your Base” Official Selection Nottingham Int’l MicroFilm 2016

[20 October 2016 – 22 October 2016]

All Your Base: Last Of Last was an “Official Selection” at the Nottingham International MicroFilm Festival in 2016.

All Your Base: Last Of Last™ is a monumental stupendous three-dimensional animated science fiction steampunk comedy mock trailer parody spoof short film final-remake of “All Your Base Are Belong To Us”.

Voiced over by an all-star science fiction cast: Cliff Simon as “Narrator” (Ba’al, Stargate SG-1), Colin Baker as “Captain” (Doctor Who #6, Doctor Who), Claudia Christian as “Mechanic” (Commander Ivanova, Babylon 5), Lizzie Roper as “Operator” (Doctor Who BBC Radio series), and Terry Molloy as “CATS” (Davros of the Daleks, Doctor Who).

All Your Base: Last Of Last™ TRAILER #1

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